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The company was born from the passion of the architectural design and for the realization of public and private environments.

The experience of several collaborations with internationally famous customers raised the company to specialize mainly in Contract Retail. We are becoming General Contractors.

“In every activity the passion removes much of the difficulty... The only way to do a great job is to love what you do”.

Steve Jobs


The company DG DESIGN produces furniture, designed by internal specialists, involving the customer in the choices to best suit the environments.

The DG DESIGN also willingly cooperate with designers and architects external to the company, in order to develop a project of the highest level, accurate in every detail.

The experience in the architectural project design led DG DESIGN to realize furnishings for the Contract Retail, cooperates with the technical department of the brand in all phases of the project. This includes the analysis of technical feasibility, material selection, prototype, the engineering of the furnishings and development of construction drawings, until the phase of realization of the furnishings, with site inspection, survey, logistics, installation, service after open sales, etc.

The entire commercial space is not only an exhibition, but also an image and a communication for the brand, and added value for the store owner who can improve and grow their business.

contract retail

contract retail

Realization of public places, shopping areas, boutiques, in collaboration with internationally famous brands, supplying furniture and service as General Contractor.

arredamento commerciale

commercial interior design

Realization of custom public places for the private customer directly designed by the internal technical staff or in collaboration with external architects.



Realization of public places, bars, restaurants, spas, hotels, designed internal or in collaboration with internationally famous brands or with external architects.


Realization of customized private places, houses, apartments, offices, designed directly by the internal technical staff or in collaboration with external architects.


Supply of furniture, accessories and lighting for home and public environments made in series by the most famous Italian companies that have made famous the “Made in Italy”.


Realization of paintings, artistic panels, custom decorations for public and private environments in harmony with the surrounding space and with the philosophy of the client.


The careful selection of materials ensures a high product quality.

DG DESIGN produces the custom designed furniture using the most innovative techniques of production, including traditional and innovative materials.

The whole production process is constantly monitored by technicians to ensure the best quality.

The production of furniture made with wood, metal, stone, plastic, glass, etc. is constantly managed and directly developed by DG DESIGN. We provide the best local artisan reality, so as to become more competitive in cost and time, ensuring a higher quality of product.


We work with a team of specialized persons, architects and engineers that develop the entire architectural project.

  • Analysis of feasibility
  • Development of commercial offer
  • Technical drawings 2D and 3D rendering
  • Samples materials and prototypes scale 1:1
  • Survey and site management
  • Certificates and permits
  • Realization of furniture using the most innovative techniques of production
  • Management and use of traditional and innovative materials
  • Works of structural building and plasterboarding
  • Electrical and plumbing
  • Logistics and shipping
  • Furniture assembly
  • Artistic display for commercial window design
  • Opening service for commercial area
  • Communication signage and merchandising
  • After sales service and maintenance


Showroom DG DESIGN is an exhibition space, where you can find furnishings custom made and series, a small dynamic space that changes depending on the emotions of those who frequent.

...Also inside there are technical workstations for project design with qualified and specialized personnel, available to customers, who wish to develop their own project. “The projection of their feelings on paper to see them realize in their environments”.


Via Solferino, 8/1 - Senigallia (AN) | Italy

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E.Mail: info@dg-design.it

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